In the run up to the Centennial we are collecting together ideas for good Lions projects that fall under the Key centennial areas of:

Health        Sight        Youth        Environment. 
So far we have identified some 18 projects that most clubs could undertake if they fancy trying something new. Some will be familiar to many of you and you will already be doing them, but hopefully some may be of interest to explore a new service for your community. 
We have also set ourselves some fun targets to see if together we can obtain them ( See table below)
But just giving you ideas is fine, but the question many clubs will ask is. Well how do you go about organising that type of project? 
We are therefore commissioning How 2 Guides for each of the project areas which are listed to the right. Not all have been written yet so additional ones will be added in the coming weeks. 
So have a look and have a go at something new. 
My LCI - A call to all Club Secretaries
We have been encouraging all clubs to enter their service hours on MyLCI, as this allow Lions centrally to measure service around the world. For the Centennial worldwide we have set ourselves the target of Serving 100 million People by the end of 2017 and reporting by MyLCI is the only way we can measure this. Up to now entering the Centennial information has been a little frustrating  here in the UK as the drop down menus are well ..... a little American! and we have not been able to extract the data to use in our own publicity. 
I am pleased to report that we have now had some success in adding boxes for the type of projects we do especially those projects that fall under the Centennial Reporting ,and we can extract the data. This will be a real benefit to our PR team to really shout out to the whole country what Lions are doing and have the data to back it up. So please Club Secretaries enter your service data and let your Clubs service be added to the pot.